The National Movement of World Without Orphans in India is known as ‘Bharathiya Sneha Parivar’ (BSP). It means ‘Indian Loving Families.’ BSP has the same vision as WWO - to see orphans placed into stable, secure and permanent families. We are conducting vision casting seminars along with different initiatives such as 4/14 Window, National Consultation Meet, Trauma Competent Training, Caregiver Training and recently had Kinship, Foster Care, and Adoption trainings with several different NGOs, which were organized by BSP, A Family for Every Orphan, Lamb International, CERI and SCH. Sneha Sunday (Orphan Sunday) and Prayer for Orphans are also becoming great tools to reach many churches and organizations.


After a vision casting seminar done by ‘Bharathiya Sneha Parivar’, a pastor's family decided to adopt a child and a few months later adopted a little girl. After being blessed by the presence of this bundle of joy in their family, the family decided they wanted to do more. So they helped the national movement to organize three additional vision casting seminars in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. After this many such vision casting events have taken place all over the country and many more are scheduled to happen this year. 

BSP has cultivated partnerships with many local churches, Non Profit Organisations and private groups throughout India. One vision casting event that stood out happened in Varanasi, the pilgrimage capital of the Hindus in India. The room was overflowing with more than 200 attendees including 46 pastors from different churches in and around the area. At this particular meeting, Alex Sam shared about the heart of World Without Orphans, its vision and Mission, the importance of Orphan Sunday, and specific steps that Christians must take to fulfill the biblical mandate of caring for orphans. After that event a couple came forward and prayed and made plans to walk forward with the adoption process!

"Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven"

- Matthew 5:16

Our Mission



Our Vision

World Without Orphans​ is a global movement with a shared vision for orphans becoming sons and daughters.

Our dream is that every child will grow up in a safe, stable and nurturing permanent family, and know their Heavenly Father.




Lifesong For Orphans is one of the Signature Sponsors of the CAFO Summit. In India Lifesong For Orphans is represented at BSP by Caleb and Hannah Ellis. Caleb and Hannah are consultants hired by Lifesong to work with Local NGOs in India in order to educate and empower the Local NGO by exposing them to best practices that are observed internationally. Caleb and Hannah have taken up responsibility as National Media Coordinators for BSP for the current year.


Mr. Jonathan K. (Executive Director): +91 6281038052

Mr. Sam A. (Facilitator): +91 9340797407 

Ms. Nancy M  (Training Coordinator): +91 9943980016

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